At Just fur Dogz we feel that the sooner you can get your baby pooch introduced to the grooming salon and smells and sounds the better.   It can be a good experience for a puppy and an opportunity to get them used to  being bathed and introducing them to the grooming  table so they know what  to expect.  


Please feel free to make a 15 min free appointment to bring your puppy along so they spend time sniffing around and sit in the bath and on the table.  We can plug in the dryer and so they know what is all about.  


We would like you invite you to stay with your puppy during this experience.  

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Dog Grooming Service 2 Lynn Street, Swaffham, Norfolk,  PE37 7AX Tel: 01760 751149 Mobile : 07496856942

         We Donate 5% of Every FULL GROOM to a Local Animal Charity