Just Fur Dogz Policies

Aggressive Dogs

Just Fur Dogz reserves the right to refuse to groom any pet for the safety of the groomer and the dog. The owner agrees to inform Just Fur Dogz  prior to grooming if the dog has bitten or has aggressive tendencies. The owner understands they will be held liable for all bites caused by their dog.


1: All dogs are accepted at the owner's risk.    


2: Just Fur Dogz promises 100% care and attention. Our first concern is for the welfare of the dog(s). In the event of injury or illness, a vet will be called. All veterinary costs will be at the owner's expense, unless it can be proved that Just Fur Dogz  is responsible.  


3: Grooming of a sick or elderly dog is at the owner's risk. Just Fur Dogz cannot be held responsible for any underlying skin problems or health issues that are discovered on dogs who are not fit and healthy.  


4: The owner must ensure all vaccinations are up to date. An unvaccinated dog puts itself and others at risk.  


5: The owner agrees that the groomer will not be held liable for any mishaps that occur due to non-disclosure of the dog(s) ailments or behavioral issues.


6: If a coat is matted cannot be  groomed out,   The owner's permission is required to shave it. Shaving the coat can dramatically change the dog's appearance and may expose underlying skin conditions.    


7: Prices are based on the average breed type, coat condition and temperament of the dog. Some dogs may require extensive extra grooming, this will be charged accordingly.


8: Payment is required in full on completion of the work.  


9:  All dogs will be photographed,and may be used on the Just Fur Dogz  website and social media pages.              


Cancellations :

Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations.  

A 50% charge may  be applied to cancellations with less than 24 hour's notice.






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