Before each grooming session we will discuss with the owner the dogs coat and skin condition, health and preferred grooming style. The owner is responsible to disclose any health or behavior issues, and a customer form must be completed and signed by the owner and will be kept on record.  All dogs must be up to date with all vaccinations.  An unvaccinated dog puts itself and others at risk.



We use a hydrobath with fresh water for every dog; pressurised warm water is pumped through the bath and gently showered on to the dog. The pressure of the water gently massages the coat improving circulation, removes dead skin, dirt and excess hair. Each dog is thoroughly washed, conditioned and rinsed. We use quality shampoo's and conditioner's to suit the dog's skin and coat type.



No dogs are put in drying cabinets during this process.  We use two specially designed dryers. Firstly we use a turbo dryer with two speed settings to remove the excess water and the build up of dead hair and undercoat.  The second dryer has the latest technology, variable speed and heat settings are used to hand dry the coat, and this is particularly good for the sensitive dogs.



This is an essential process; it not only removes the unwanted dead hair but stimulates the skin, improves the texture, appearance and prepares the coat for the final grooming.



If a coat is badly matted and cannot be saved it may be necessary to  cut the coat very short.  This will dramatically change the appearance of the dog.  We will discuss this and obtain the owner's permission prior to grooming the dog.


Clipping and styling

Once the dog is fully prepared he or she is styled to the most practical style to suit you and your dog.  Breed standard and cross breeds are catered for.  Your dog can have anything from a tidy up, wash and fluff dry to a full make over.


Ears and nails

As part of the grooming process we gently clean and remove the dead hair from the dog's ears, this is an ideal opportunity to check for any possible ear infection.  It is also important to have the dogs nails trimmed at regular intervals; long nails can cause severe discomfort to the dog, and can end up with a visit to the vet.



During the bathing and grooming process we promise 100% care is taken to ensure the health of your pet.  Just Fur Dogz is not liable for any pre-existing conditions and problems found during grooming.  Any advice given regarding health problems should be checked by a vet.















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         We Donate 5% of Every FULL GROOM to a Local Animal Charity